STAI 129 semi-annual meeting


The Supersonic Tunnel Association was formed in April 1954 to provide an organization for operators of high speed aerodynamic testing facilities. (“International” was added in 1996 to better reflect the current worldwide makeup of the organization). The original, and still primary, purpose of the organization is the sharing of information concerning facility operation, instrumentation and test techniques. More recently, the scope has broadened to include compressible fluid mechanics research outside the more traditional areas of wind tunnel testing.

Two meetings are held each year, in Spring and Fall. Member organizations serve as a host on a voluntary, rotating basis. The majority of meetings have been held in the United States, but meetings also took place in Australia, Belgium, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Russia, China, South Africa and Sweden. The Association seeks to maintain a geographical balance in the selection of meeting sites.

The Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI), which has been a member of the STAI since 1994, is pleased to invite you to participate in the 129th Semi-Annual Meeting of the Supersonic Tunnel Association, International (STAI) of, which will be held in Moscow and Zhukovsky in Russia from May 13 to 16, 2018.